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David S.

On Friday afternoon, July 11,2014, I discovered our Heil A/C unit malfunctioning in our home at 201 Peach Grove Circle. I immediately contacted CCI who has performed both maintenance and service repairs during our two years of home ownership.

The contacted office personnel,Crystal,I believe,quickly made arrangements to notify and send out a service repair technician to diagnose and,if necessary,make the appropriate repairs.

Arriving later in the afternoon,the technician inspected and made the diagnosis that the problem was a faulty blower motor in the A/C unit and that a motor replacement was necessary. The technician informed me that the forthcoming weekend would necessitate that, unless a replacement blower motor could be secured on Saturday (not a strong likelihood), next Monday would be the return service day. The motor was under warranty.

Little did I realize that I was about to encounter a situation that I have not experienced for a very long, long time: a service technician who would not only be thorough in his diagnostic approach, but one who would "go the extra mile" to ensure both our safety and comfort.

I would like to commend to you this member of your service team, "Jake" (Robert) Johnson, for not only his superb professionalism and strong and positive, customer relations skills, but also his clear and knowledgeable explanations about the situation and the various options needed to remedy the problem(s).

In addition, Jake contacted me on Saturday morning (July 12) to inquire about our situation. Were we OK? Was there anything the company could do to assist, especially during the heated conditions that were developing in our house? , etc. (A weekend courtesy follow-up call initiated on a weekend by a technician...unbelievable!)

To my surprise he also notified me that after much searching he was able finally to locate the correct replacement motor for my A/C unit; he would install the part by Saturday mid-day. Thus we would be able to begin to eliminate the humidity and heat that had developed since the time of the Friday's system's draw down. Jake returned and with dispatch and conscientiousness, installed the motor, and ensured that the entire system was operating correctly.

It is indeed quite rare to experience such a dedicated and committed person in today's work force and in the work place. Carolina Comfort is very fortunate to have such an employee as Jake Johnson to represent the company. May your company continue to attract and retain personnel who will not skirt their responsibilities and commitment to provide the best services possible.

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