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Nov 14 2013
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Save Money with a new HVAC Heating and Cooling System

Why You Should Consider a New HVAC System for Your Commercial Project

When your repairs and energy expenses become higher and more burdensome than the cost of installing a new HVAC heating and cooling system, it's time to seriously consider replacement. The effects of aging are especially profound on a large system responsible for a commercial building. Not only are these systems often utilized more than those in residences, but they have more ground to cover. Be sure to have your heating and cooling assessed each season, not only for potential problems but for efficiency.

Carolina Comfort, Inc.’s commercial HVAC team allows you to stay in business regardless of the weather and to remain an inviting place for clients, business partners, and employees to visit. To ensure a replacement runs smoothly, you'll need help to ensure a new system is well matched to your company's current size and heating and cooling needs.

Commercial HVAC systems have several components that you won't see in a residential setting. These pieces help control the flow of cooled and heated air throughout your business. Sensors, multiple thermostat setups, forced air pumps, and even computer regulatory software can help create a business-wide solution to your climate control challenges.

Our experts will do a full assessment, install equipment to meet the particular needs of your business, and provide regular monitoring through our convenient preventive maintenance plan. Carolina Comfort, Inc. is dedicated to helping you create an inviting environment to clients and to keep things comfortable for your employees as well.

Please contact us for your HVAC heating and cooling replacement needs in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

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