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Jul 30 2015
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Maintenance agreements provide homeowners with some surprising benefits.

HVAC repair inspection

Maintenance agreements for HVAC units help keep your costs low. When considered over the life of your heating and cooling equipment, they're more than worth the investment. How? First, they extend the use of your units, but they also help them run more efficiently, allowing them to keep your home comfortable for less money month-to-month.

Here are a few lesser-known perks of maintenance agreements:

  • Priority service is given to loyal customers enrolled in maintenance plans. Systems tend to break down when weather is at its most demanding. During a heat wave, you're likely to wind up among a wave of homeowners experiencing problems too. Make sure whatever repair service you work with is willing to service your home first if problems do occur. It can shave days off the time you're left waiting to get your AC back up and running.
  • Need work? Get a discount on parts. A big factor in the cost savings of maintenance plans is the ability to fix problems before they're out of control. To help you handle those situations, a quality repair shop will offer maintenance clients a discount on high-quality components.
  • Extended warranties are applied to work and to parts. What happens when your system fails anyway during bad weather? Many shops would treat you like any other customer. Those like Carolina Comfort, Inc., protect your investments by providing Cool Zone clients with special extended warranties.

Find out how our maintenance agreements keep you comfortable all year long. Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. by clicking this link or calling


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