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Apr 02 2015
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Here’s how maintenance agreements can keep you cool.

Energy Efficiency

Maintenance agreements make it easy to keep your heating and cooling equipment in working order. There’s also an added bonus: the better it’s operating, the less energy it requires to keep you comfortable, which means the less money you spend on energy costs. I think we can all agree that everything feels a lot cooler in life when the temperature is comfortable and you are saving money too.

Check out all the ways maintenance agreements protect your equipment, keep you comfortable, and save you money:

  • Clear out dirt and grime: Service agreements include two preventive maintenance visits a year. An essential element to these calls is changing filters and clearing out drains. Preventing dirt and sludge from clogging up your system means it doesn’t have to work so hard to achieve the same results.
  • Keep components lubed up and secure: Greasing moving parts and tightening connections prevent excess wear and tear.
  • Prevent breakdowns: Many tasks involved in preventive maintenance can be performed by any homeowner. Others take special tools and training. For instance, during a preventive visit, a professional will ensure the electronics of your HVAC system are in working order. Due to experience, the pros can often recognize the early signs of failing components.
  • Financial reward: Columbia residents in Carolina Comfort, Inc.’s Cool Zone get benefits above and beyond two preventive visits a year. You also get special savings and priority service if you wind up needing help.

Maintenance agreements help you save time and money while keeping bills low. For more information about maintenance agreements, contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. and enroll in the Cool Zone today.

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