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Nov 07 2013
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

HVAC System Design Basics

The Top 3 Factors in Commercial HVAC System Design

When it comes to designing an HVAC system for a business, the design depends largely on the facility having the equipment installed. Each business will have its own preferred design based on laws regulating the business taking place there, client preferences, and budget. Consider the following before making any final decisions:

1. Regulations. A hospital, for instance, will have a much different setup than a convenience store, and they'll both differ significantly from a research facility. Certain businesses have rules in place regarding adequate temperatures for the goods and inhabitants found inside. It's essential to make sure the configuration of your equipment can meet these legal responsibilities.

2. Continuous comfort. Some businesses require controlled temperatures throughout the building to be comfortable for clients and employees. Before ordering HVAC equipment or deciding on placement, make sure you won't be left with hot or cold spots. This is especially important in environments with extreme temperatures introduced from other sources, like an industrial-sized oven in a restaurant's kitchen. Similarly, bright lights can heat up an operating room.

3. Budget. Talking to a professional will help you understand how your budget could affect the best placement of your equipment. Tubing, wiring, and vents all have an impact on the bottom line. Clustering components may work best for one business, while it could lead to overheating in a different environment. The important thing is keeping an eye out for problems and looking at all your options for finding ways to save. It's much more important to create an HVAC system design that will preserve the life of your equipment in the long run.

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