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Nov 26 2015
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Zoning increases energy efficiency and creates even temperatures throughout your home.

HVAC service technician working on a zoned system in a home

Improve energy efficiency and make your home more comfortable by investing in a zoned HVAC system. Traditional systems apply the same standards to every room in your house. In contrast, a zoning system splits your property into groups of rooms with similar heating and cooling needs and deals with each of them individually.

Consider the benefits you get from zoned HVAC systems:

  • Eradicate hot and cold spots in your home. Nothing is as frustrating as walking from one chilly room into the next where the heat is overwhelming. Zoned systems don’t use one sensor to evaluate the comfort of your home. Zone temperatures are tracked separately, so heat is delivered only to those areas in need.
  • Save on your utility bills. Zoned systems only deliver warm or cool air to spaces that need it. By doing so, your home ends up using less energy and you will enjoy lower bills.
  • Increase your property’s value. Zoned HVAC systems are more effective and cheaper to run than traditional heating and cooling designs. They’re also seen as advanced technology. Combined, those benefits lead to higher property value, so if you’re considering selling your house anytime soon, a zoned HVAC setup will help you get more for it.
  • Our friendly team of professionals is here to answer your questions and provide the energy efficiency solutions you need for your home or business. Click this link to ask the experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc. about installing a zoned system in existing or new construction. Visit us online or call


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