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Jun 18 2015
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Learn easy ways to improve your energy efficiency.

HVAC Energy Efficiency Checks

You can transform your budget and go a long way to help planet Earth by improving your energy efficiency, and it isn’t hard to do. People who start by tweaking their HVAC systems get a leg up because heating and cooling costs make up so much of your monthly energy use. With just a few tweaks, you can maximize your resources and make sure every dollar of your utility budget counts.

Here are a few ways to ensure you’re only paying for the heating and cooling power you really use:

  • Schedule a maintenance visit.
  • If you’ve been performing your own seasonal HVAC checks, it’s time to call in the pros. Not only do trained technicians have the right tools for the job, they also have the knowledge and experience to spot issues a layperson wouldn’t notice. It may be the worn parts are causing your system to waste energy, or you could be missing out on a cheaper, more efficient filter.

  • Change your thermostat.
  • Honeywell, in particular, has created innovative new designs in temperature control. The company’s Wi-Fi Smart RTH9580 model lets homeowners change their temperature preferences via mobile connection, easily set heating and cooling in advance or get alerts when energy use is out of the norm.

  • Invest in newer equipment.
  • According to, air conditioners should be replaced every 10 years and furnaces every 15 years for maximum efficiency. Each year, new features are introduced—like humidifying/dehumidifying add-ons and air purifiers—that help to lower energy costs and improve comfort.

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