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Jul 11 2013
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

4 ways keeping your air conditioner maintained can keep you out of a heat wave during the South Carolina summer.

4 Ways Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Keep You from Sweltering During the South Carolina Summer

Keeping your air conditioner maintenance current is the key to keeping your home comfortable all summer long. Start with the most basic air conditioner maintenance.

1. Remove any weeds near your air conditioner. This small amount of maintenance can st
op your air conditioner from getting too hot and burning out. This can cause poor operation, leaving you miserable in the sweltering heat of summer.

2. Make sure coolant levels are adequate. This is also something a professional will check for. It is easy to guess on these items but once a certified air conditioning specialist has serviced your unit, you can go on with your day in confidence. A humid South Carolina night is no time for air conditioning problems.

3. Check the thermostat. If it is old, update to a modern version. Insulate ducts as well; this keeps in cold or heat transmitting more comfort into your home. A specialist can get it installed and teach you to operate it properly. Some people keep the unit turned on too high, slowing the cooling process.

4. Have your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned before you use it for the season. Clean filters always cool better in hot months. Bring out a professional to go through your unit and check for coils and other parts that may be in disrepair. If there are issues they can be fixed before the summer season starts.

Use these methods to keep your air conditioner working properly all summer long, no matter how hot the temperature. You can contact us online or call


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