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Jul 18 2013
POSTED BY Rich Mitchell

Get the most for your money by knowing four things to consider in the size of your new air conditioning systems.

4 Things to Know When Choosing Air Conditioner Size

An important factor to understand about air conditioning systems is that you must choose the right size for your home. The U.S. EPA provides guidelines for room air conditioning units. These figures can help you understand the requirements for whole-house systems.

The key information provided is that an oversized unit can actually work against you by leaving excessive humidity in the air.

Additional factors in determining the unit size include:

1. Homes that are heavily shaded can use a unit smaller than the square foot calculations
2. Homes with no shade will need a slightly larger unit
3. The number of individuals in the home can increase the needed cooling capacity
4. Air conditioning systems with higher energy efficiency ratings, those with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) offer approximately 15% more efficiency than regular units. However, the efficiency is not based on just the new system itself. If your new air conditioning is installed using an older furnace blower motor you will not receive the savings you expect.

Don't suffer through the hot South Carolina summer. The certified professionals at Carolina Comfort, Inc. can help you pick the best air conditioning system and size for your individual needs. We service and install all makes and models and ensure the job is correct the first time.



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