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Our team of trained and certified HVAC technicians will handle any install with professionalism and expertise. From heating systems to air conditioners, when it comes to residential installations we have you covered. Our years of experience and continued training set us apart from the rest. We’ll do the job quickly and we’ll do it right.

Residential Repair

Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to diagnose and fix any system’s issues quickly and correctly. No matter what day of the week or time of day, Carolina Comfort can be there to solve your HVAC issues and restore comfort to your home. Our 24-7 emergency repair service means your home never has to go without.

Commercial Services

For installation, repair, or preventative maintenance, our Commercial Solutions Division has what it takes to meet the needs of any business. Our team can even build a custom HVAC system based on designs created specifically for your business. For system replacement or repair, call Carolina Comfort for prompt, professional solutions.


HVAC Experts in Columbia SC

Providing Professional Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Carolina Comfort

With a focus on customer care and satisfaction, Carolina Comfort, Inc., of Columbia, SC, lives up to its name. Since its beginning in 1992, the company has quickly grown from a small, service-based business to a full-service company offering a wide-range of HVAC services and products to meet residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

From installation and inspection to repair and maintenance, President and CEO Rich Mitchell and his expert team members utilize a combined experience of nearly 200 years to deliver the best to their customers for each and every service call and appointment.

There may be plenty of options available for HVAC services in South Carolina, but Carolina Comfort stands apart from the rest. By working to meet each unique customer need, the team of experts goes above and beyond to provide professional services.

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“If you put the right things first in life like God and Family, take care of those who have taken care of you, the outcome will always be better."- Rich Mitchell

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Sep 03 2015

How can vacuuming my house impact the quality of the air in my home?

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Improving indoor air quality is much easier with the right tools.

vacuuming a living room

Columbia homeowners know the importance of indoor air quality, but it’s not always easy to determine what affects it the most. Will dusting every day help the problem, or is regular vacuuming a part of keeping indoor air safe? You may be surprised by the answers.

Here are the top ways to improve the quality of air in your home:

Pick a filter with a high MERV rating.

Most homeowners purchase the cheapest furnace filters available, thinking those beefier options are for people with severe allergies. The HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner does do a great job of managing pet hair and dander, and it will prevent those particles from circulating as much around your house. However, you can apply the same idea to your HVAC system. There are HEPA filters available for heating and cooling, but they may not be necessary. Other options range from 4 to 15 MERV ratings. Anything above 12 is going to do a more-than-decent job of removing contaminants from the air, so there are plenty of good options from which homeowners can choose.

Change your buying habits.

One of the biggest problems with indoor air is the amount of toxic chemicals hanging around after you clean. Changing the products you buy is a huge factor and often costs nothing at all. Look for products based on natural ingredients or those proven to be safe. You can also switch to non-particle board furniture, non-fire resistant materials and VOC-free paints and varnishes to help reduce common indoor air pollution.

Invest in an air purifier.

Skip the units you see being hawked on TV. Most create just enough ozone for the air to smell clean, but not enough to truly sanitize anything. Instead, focus on professional-grade air purifiers that combine a high-powered air filter with UV lights for eradicating problematic particles. Humidity control can also help, and it has the ability to improve comfort while lowering your monthly bills as well.

Click this link to learn how Carolina Comfort, Inc. will clean up your indoor air quality in no time using the latest advancements in HVAC tech. Call (803) 794-5526 or visit online to discuss your needs with a qualified heating and cooling specialist.

Aug 27 2015

How Long Do HVAC Systems Typically Last?

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Maintenance agreements can extend the life of any heating or cooling unit.

Maintenance agreements will help your heating and cooling systems last as long as possible, but eventually they will need to be replaced. Keep your eye out for typical warning signs of a failing system to prevent yourself from a nasty surprise at the most inconvenient time. In addition, industry experts have an easy method for determining when you should upgrade.

Follow these steps to figure out how long your system should last:

Consider the reputation of the model and brand.

Enrolling in maintenance agreements should help your system last as long as possible, but how much is possible depends largely on the quality of construction of an HVAC unit. An experienced repair shop can give you a good opinion of how much life you can expect to see for a particular model, as can online reviews.

Pay attention to performance.

Have your thermostat habits started changing? Have your bills? When your system first begins to wear out, you’ll notice it won’t adequately cool your house as it did in the past. You’ll also find yourself spending more and more on your energy bills. It’s one of the biggest reasons to replace a struggling AC with a newer, more efficient option.

Seek out expert advice.

Enrolling in the Cool Zone will give you access to more than just professional preventive maintenance visits and related perks. You’ll have the benefit of an educated opinion on your system’s life. Talk to your technician if you’re concerned about how long your HVAC system will last before needing to be replaced.

Find out how our maintenance agreements keep you comfortable all year long. Click this link or call 803-794-5526 to contact Carolina Comfort, Inc., to enroll in one of our cost-saving maintenance agreements today.

Aug 20 2015

Can a Dehumidifier Save Me Money on My Utility Bill?

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Energy efficiency doesn't have to mean HVAC replacement.

Energy efficiency relates to how well your AC cools your home given the amount of energy it uses. When it needs less energy to get the job done, a system is considered more energy efficient. Dehumidifiers help homeowners save money while staying comfortable by giving any air conditioner an efficiency boost.

The following reasons make dry air feel much cooler than moist air:

We expect humid air to feel hotter.

Columbia residents aren’t strangers to hot and humid weather. Being conditioned to the impact of high moisture content in the air comes with expectations, and unfortunately our expectations can color our everyday experiences. In short, when you think the temperature to be higher, it generally feels like it whether it really is or not.

Humid air is filled with moisture, leaving little room for sweat to evaporate.

Along with our expectations is the real science behind heat and humidity. Humans cool themselves by sweating into the air. When the humidity is high, sweat stays on our skin.

Sweat regulates body heat.

As sweat pools on the body, it traps in our natural warmth. In contrast, when you sweat, that heat is released from the body, and we naturally cool down. As a dehumidifier lowers the moisture in the air, it’s easier for people to sweat and shed heat, effectively lowering their temperatures and feeling cooler despite no change to the thermostat.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency today with help from Carolina Comfort, Inc. Our friendly team of HVAC experts understands the challenge high humidity levels can be to Columbia homeowners and residents, and we have the practical solutions to help. Click this link or call 803-794-5526 to schedule a visit to discuss ways to adjust the moisture content of your indoor air to enhance energy efficiency, keeping you more comfortable and helping you cut energy costs.

Aug 13 2015

Why Does My AC Shut off before I'm Comfortable?

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This common heating and air conditioning problem is easy to fix.

It’s easy to go into a panic-mode when your heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t working correctly, but many problems can be fixed without a huge expense. For instance, if your AC shuts off before your home is sufficiently cool, the problem could be as simple as a dirty filter. Instead of ignoring reality—and huge bills—tackle this problem head on with the knowledge that fixing it will most likely be easier on the wallet than you expect.

Here are just a few reasons your AC may be working improperly:

Your thermostat is going out.

Most HVAC calls are due to power issues. The second most common culprit? Thermostats. These inexpensive gadgets are easy to test and to switch out. You can check your unit yourself simply by switching your thermostat to fan or increasing or lowering your temperature a few degree and waiting to see how your air conditioner responds.

You may have leaks in your ductwork.

The tubing that runs from your air conditioner to each room of your house gets old after a while and can develop gaps. Cold air leaks out these gaps and goes on to cool areas of your home where you likely won’t benefit, such as the spaces between the walls.

Your condenser coil may be dirty.

Your condenser coil is the part of your air conditioning system that creates the cold air. If it’s dirty, it can’t perform its job very well. Unfortunately, dirt and grime builds up over time. That’s one reason Cool Zone customers get a free condenser cleaning with every AC system check.

Columbia-area residents can quickly schedule a heating and air conditioning system repair with Carolina Comfort, Inc. by clicking this link or calling 803-794-5526. Improve your indoor air quality, lower your monthly bills and make your home more comfortable today.