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Our team of trained and certified HVAC technicians will handle any install with professionalism and expertise. From heating systems to air conditioners, when it comes to residential installations we have you covered. Our years of experience and continued training set us apart from the rest. We’ll do the job quickly and we’ll do it right.

Residential Repair

Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to diagnose and fix any system’s issues quickly and correctly. No matter what day of the week or time of day, Carolina Comfort can be there to solve your HVAC issues and restore comfort to your home. Our 24-7 emergency repair service means your home never has to go without.

Commercial Services

For installation, repair, or preventative maintenance, our Commercial Solutions Division has what it takes to meet the needs of any business. Our team can even build a custom HVAC system based on designs created specifically for your business. For system replacement or repair, call Carolina Comfort for prompt, professional solutions.


HVAC Experts in Columbia SC

Providing Professional Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Carolina Comfort

With a focus on customer care and satisfaction, Carolina Comfort, Inc., of Columbia, SC, lives up to its name. Since its beginning in 1992, the company has quickly grown from a small, service-based business to a full-service company offering a wide-range of HVAC services and products to meet residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

From installation and inspection to repair and maintenance, President and CEO Rich Mitchell and his expert team members utilize a combined experience of nearly 200 years to deliver the best to their customers for each and every service call and appointment.

There may be plenty of options available for HVAC services in South Carolina, but Carolina Comfort stands apart from the rest. By working to meet each unique customer need, the team of experts goes above and beyond to provide professional services.

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Service Areas

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Just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciated all Carolina Comfort's, hard work as we brought the Crossfit project to completion. I know that you all went above and beyond to help .. - David P.

A message from the president and CEO

“If you put the right things first in life like God and Family, take care of those who have taken care of you, the outcome will always be better."- Rich Mitchell

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Jul 30 2015

Why Should I Get a Maintenance Agreement for My HVAC Unit?

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Maintenance agreements provide homeowners with some surprising benefits.

HVAC repair inspection

Maintenance agreements for HVAC units help keep your costs low. When considered over the life of your heating and cooling equipment, they're more than worth the investment. How? First, they extend the use of your units, but they also help them run more efficiently, allowing them to keep your home comfortable for less money month-to-month.

Here are a few lesser-known perks of maintenance agreements:

  • Priority service is given to loyal customers enrolled in maintenance plans. Systems tend to break down when weather is at its most demanding. During a heat wave, you're likely to wind up among a wave of homeowners experiencing problems too. Make sure whatever repair service you work with is willing to service your home first if problems do occur. It can shave days off the time you're left waiting to get your AC back up and running.
  • Need work? Get a discount on parts. A big factor in the cost savings of maintenance plans is the ability to fix problems before they're out of control. To help you handle those situations, a quality repair shop will offer maintenance clients a discount on high-quality components.
  • Extended warranties are applied to work and to parts. What happens when your system fails anyway during bad weather? Many shops would treat you like any other customer. Those like Carolina Comfort, Inc., protect your investments by providing Cool Zone clients with special extended warranties.

Find out how our maintenance agreements keep you comfortable all year long. Contact Carolina Comfort, Inc. by clicking this link or calling 803-794-5526 to enroll today.

Jul 23 2015

How Should I Manage My Home's HVAC While on Vacation?

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Boost your home’s energy efficiency no matter where you are.

HVAC tech showing homeowner how to use a smart thermostat

Energy efficiency remains a priority for Columbia residents, because we know the fewer resources we use, the longer they’ll last. There are a dozen ways to conserve without inconveniencing yourself or your family, and that’s doubly true during a family vacation. There’s no reason to crank down the AC and let heat and humidity take over your home.

Consider the following ways you can manage your home’s HVAC use when you’re away:

Wi-Fi thermostats can be accessed from anywhere.

In the last five years or so, companies have created new mobile-accessible thermostats. These allow you to control heat and cooling features no matter where you are—from the comfort of the couch to halfway around the world. This is helpful for several reasons while you’re on vacation. For example, you can monitor your home’s temperature and HVAC use, making it easy to tell if there’s a problem.

Programmable thermostats can be set in advance.

A Canadian study found that only 10 percent of homeowners put their programmable thermostat features to work, but these really do have the ability to help you while you’re away. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a few hours, days, or weeks. By turning the temp down during peak times of use, you can drastically reduce your bills while also using enough AC to keep indoor humidity low. This is important to prevent the growth of dangerous, destructive molds.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency today with help from Carolina Comfort, Inc. Click this link or call 803-794-5526 to schedule a visit to discuss ways of monitoring and controlling HVAC services whenever you’re away from home to create optimal energy efficiency.

Jul 16 2015

What Are the Signs that My Air Conditioner Is No Longer Worth Repairing?

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Heating and air conditioning equipment can’t last forever.

HVAC Repairman at a Home

Whether it’s made by a major manufacturer like Lennox or Trane, or whether it’s a generic brand, your heating and air conditioning equipment can’t last forever. Regular maintenance will help, but at a certain point, you will need a replacement. Not only will it ensure more reliable heating and cooling, but you’ll have lower electric bills all year long and access to new features capable of making a big impact on your comfort and costs.

Here are a few signs your HVAC equipment needs replacing:

  • Your AC is over 10 years old or your furnace is over 15 years old. According to, most units past their prime are behind enough in technology to warrant a replacement versus a repair. They benefit from new designs and features, like air filtering and humidity control. You can also take this opportunity to reassess your home and see if a new style of unit is right for you.
  • It has needed repeated repairs despite being on a maintenance plan. There are many ways to drive an HVAC system into the ground, but those who are taking steps to keep their equipment in good working order shouldn’t be faced with regular problems. If one component after another is failing, it may be best to start looking at your alternatives.
  • You’ve got a lemon. Sometimes, things go wrong from day one. A brand new system that won’t stop cycling, refuses to cool or warm your home or experiences outrageous energy use may be suffering from a fundamental flaw. In these situations, it’s best to root out the problem and install a quality replacement as soon as possible.

Improve your indoor air quality, lower your monthly bills and make your home more comfortable today. Click this link to visit us online or call 803-794-5526 to schedule a heating and air conditioning repair or replacement consultation with Carolina Comfort, Inc.

Jul 09 2015

How Can I Keep the Humidity out of My Home?

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Lowering your indoor humidity is essential to improve your indoor air quality.

Living Room

How big an impact does humidity have on indoor air quality? Most homeowners never consider this question, even though the answer can have a tremendous impact on your health. This is especially true in areas like South Carolina where moisture in the air is such an expected part of daily life. Unfortunately, the impact is much different inside than in the great outdoors.

Look at the ways high humidity can have a negative impact on your health:

  • Humidity can lead to mold growth. Wherever moisture comes into contact with building materials inside your home, you run the risk of developing mold. It’s essential that leaks are identified, sealed and any effected areas are completely dried or removed right away. Once mold starts, it’s easily spread with the release of spores. These tiny particles can irritate your lungs, aggravating breathing problems or creating them.
  • High humidity causes discomfort. Anyone who’s walked outside as of late knows that high humidity can make temperatures seem even hotter. This isn't just an illusion. The more water that is in the air, the less sweat gets wicked away from your body and your temperature can’t be lowered naturally. Indoors this can mean irritability, crankiness, headaches and even sleepless nights. It also means that by lowering indoor humidity, your air conditioner has an easier job of cooling your house. Thankfully there are a number of HVAC remedies for humidity levels in your home.

Click this link to schedule a service visit online or call 803-794-5526 to improve the indoor air quality in your home today with help from Carolina Comfort, Inc.