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Our team of trained and certified HVAC technicians will handle any install with professionalism and expertise. From heating systems to air conditioners, when it comes to residential installations we have you covered. Our years of experience and continued training set us apart from the rest. We’ll do the job quickly and we’ll do it right.

Residential Repair

Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to diagnose and fix any system’s issues quickly and correctly. No matter what day of the week or time of day, Carolina Comfort can be there to solve your HVAC issues and restore comfort to your home. Our 24-7 emergency repair service means your home never has to go without.

Commercial Services

For installation, repair, or preventative maintenance, our Commercial Solutions Division has what it takes to meet the needs of any business. Our team can even build a custom HVAC system based on designs created specifically for your business. For system replacement or repair, call Carolina Comfort for prompt, professional solutions.


HVAC Experts in Columbia SC

Providing Professional Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Carolina Comfort

With a focus on customer care and satisfaction, Carolina Comfort, Inc., of Columbia, SC, lives up to its name. Since its beginning in 1992, the company has quickly grown from a small, service-based business to a full-service company offering a wide-range of HVAC services and products to meet residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

From installation and inspection to repair and maintenance, President and CEO Rich Mitchell and his expert team members utilize a combined experience of nearly 200 years to deliver the best to their customers for each and every service call and appointment.

There may be plenty of options available for HVAC services in South Carolina, but Carolina Comfort stands apart from the rest. By working to meet each unique customer need, the team of experts goes above and beyond to provide professional services.

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As far as my house goes it was a great experience. From talking with the office the first phone conversation and getting someone out quickly to try and repair the unit, and then dealing with .. - John W.

A message from the president and CEO

“If you put the right things first in life like God and Family, take care of those who have taken care of you, the outcome will always be better."- Rich Mitchell

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Dec 31 2015

Practices to Help Improve My Heater's Efficiency This Winter

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Did you know your heater’s energy efficiency can be realized in just a few simple steps?

Residential Heat Pump

Wouldn’t you love to improve your HVAC energy efficiency and both shrink your monthly bills and your impact on the planet? Carolina Comfort, Inc., can help. We offer our customers several methods for becoming more budget and environmentally friendly.

Check out the latest energy efficient options in heating and cooling:

  • Solar power is seeing a comeback. If you’re in the market for truly green options, your best bet is a solar power array or geothermal heating and cooling unit. These technologies have seen big improvements over the past decade, and today they are compatible with many traditional heating and cooling systems. Speak with one of our specialists about our most efficient units available.
  • Heat pumps save energy. Many homeowners think of heating and cooling as a furnace and air conditioner, but Columbia residents have several options. A heat pump both heats and cools your home, and because it uses heat transference to do most of the work, you use much less energy and create less waste.
  • Even humidifiers can make a big difference. If you’re not ready to make such a big investment, talk to one of our technicians about more affordable ways to stretch your HVAC power. Adding a humidifying element is manageable for most budgets and it has a surprising impact on your comfort and your bills. Changing the filter you’re using is another inexpensive way of lowering your energy use without sacrifice.

Click this link to schedule an energy efficiency consultation with our team at Carolina Comfort, Inc., and put our expertise to work. Visit us online, or call (803) 760-7159 for help.

Dec 17 2015

Why Is My Furnace Turning on and Off?

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Figure out why your heating and air conditioning equipment is struggling.

HVAC service technician inspecting a residential furnace

Keep your heating and air conditioning equipment in good working condition by paying attention to signs of trouble. If your HVAC equipment is quickly turning off and on, then you likely need the help of a professional. Aside from one easy fix, this problem usually boils down to a serious component failure, requiring a technician who can do the job right.

Here are the most common reasons for quick HVAC cycling:

  • Dirty filters: A clogged filter will restrict airflow. This prevents warmed air from moving through the system. It backs up in the furnace instead and quickly leads to false readings. Because the heater is hot enough, it shuts down, leaving the house cold and once the air in the unit cools, it kicks on again. Thankfully, this is easily remedied. Talk to your HVAC specialist about the best filters and filter changing schedule for your system.
  • Clogged outlets: There are pipes leading from your system to the outdoors. They can vent through the attic and roof or an outer wall of your home. If clogged, warm air will pool and lead again to false readings.
  • Failing electrical components: Sometimes it isn’t the furnace at all, but the thermostat that’s to blame. However, there are sensors inside your heating unit that can fail and cause bad readings as well.

Are your heating and air conditioning problems preventing you from staying warm? Fix your problems today with a call to our team at Carolina Comfort, Inc., at (803) 760-7159, or click this link to visit us online to set up an appointment.

Dec 10 2015

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality and Help Lessen the Severity of My Family's Allergies?

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Indoor air quality can be 7-times worse than the outdoors.

HVAC service technician replacing a furnace's air filter

Poor indoor air quality greatly contributes to allergies, the development of breathing problems and an overall feeling of un-wellness. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize why they’re suffering, and instead of taking measures to clean their indoor air, they rely on medication to solve their problems.

Free your family from discomfort and sickness with help from Carolina Comfort, Inc.:

  • Invest in higher quality furnace filters. A professional technician knows about the latest products on the market, as well as more affordable high-MERV filters than you can find in the store. Have the experts recommend the best filter changing schedule for you as well, so you’re never overtaxing your furnace or air conditioner.
  • Ventilate select areas of your home. The kitchen, bathroom, attic, and basement are just a few areas you may want to use special equipment. Circulating fresh air throughout your home is integral to keeping pollutants down, especially in those areas where there is more moisture or more chemicals to be found.
  • Consider your air filtering options. Carolina Comfort, Inc., has access to state-of-the-art air purification devices. These can be stand-alone units or components attached to HVAC systems. They typically use a combination of a high quality filter and UV lighting to capture and destroy harmful particles.

Once you begin to clean up the air in your home, your family should suffer fewer allergy symptoms, like itching, red eyes, a persistent cough, and dry, sensitive skin.

Free yourself from the misery of allergies and some respiratory issues by improving your indoor air quality today. Click this link or call our team of experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc., at (803) 760-7159 to take the first important steps for cleaning up your indoor air quality.

Dec 03 2015

How Often Should I Change the Air Filters in My Home?

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Maintenance agreements keep you up to date on best practices for home HVAC unit care.

A Clean Filter Beside a Dirty Air Filter

You can count on maintenance agreements to help you with all of the HVAC filter changes you’ll need throughout the year. Discuss the best schedule for swapping them out with the technician who visits your home. You can even ask for a demonstration, so you’re never worried about making a mistake and causing a problem for your HVAC system.

Your filter changing schedule depends on a number of factors:

  • What is the MERV rating of your filter? MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It’s a numeric rating system aimed to help people choose filters based on how many contaminants they want removed from their indoor air. The higher the MERV rating, the more contaminants are removed and the faster a filter will be clogged and need to be changed.
  • How clean are your ducts (and your house)? The more dirt and debris that winds up in your ductwork, the more particles will be caught in your filter. It makes sense to change a dirty filter as soon as is reasonable. Dirty units will block the flow of air and lead to energy waste.
  • What size filter does your system take? There are plenty of sizes which work well with flat, affordable air filters. Others require ultra-thick filters or permanent, washable units that need to be changed just a few times a year.

Maintenance agreements often provide just two HVAC visits a year. Make the most of them by asking your technician how to better maintain your units in the meantime. Click this link or call our friendly team of experts at Carolina Comfort, Inc. at (803) 760-7159 to sign up for a maintenance agreement today.